Different types of construction lifts and their utility

By January 29, 2020Telescopic Lift
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Comprising of scissor lifts, boom lifts, forklifts, and other aerial lifts, construction lifts are typically lifting machineries that have an aerial platform which is supported by an extension and fixed on a wheel. They have an enormous utility in the construction sites. From moving the construction materials during the course of the project to lifting the workers and helping them reach the far to reach areas to help give perfection to the project, these equipment have an excellent manoeuvring capability.

With a variety of boom and construction lifts to select from, it is imperative to understand the features and utility of each option. While dealing with the distinct needs of construction, it is essential to select the right machinery for different tasks.

In this blog, we will be briefly understanding the utilities of different types of lifts.


Articulating Boom Lifts

Also known as knuckle lifts, Articulating Boom Lifts are used in the piping repair, electrical repairs and other maintenance projects. In this lift, the base of the arm is rotatable, meaning it can completely rotate circularly. On account of the flexible design, the lift is easily manoeuvrable. Atrium lifts are also a type of articulating boom lifts that are extremely lightweight and serve the same purpose.


Telescopic Boom Lifts

Telescopic boom lifts comprise of an extendable arm that can easily reach out to different heights. As against articulated boom lift, the telescoping boom lifts have a straight arm that is fixed to a freely rotating turntable. The bucket attached on this category of lift is usually small that can accommodate only one person at a time. Telescopic boom lifts are ideal for extremely specialized jobs like tree trimming or electrical repairs in which only one person can do the job.  


Electric Scissor Lifts

Instead of comprising an arm, electric scissor lifts have a wide stage premised on cross-brace supports. This is one of the major distinction between a boom lift and a scissor lift. As the lift moves only up and down, it must be placed below the area that you are working. This feature limits the utility of this lift. Despite that, the biggest advantage of this equipment is it allows the plenty of workers to stand on the platform and work simultaneously. The most common utility of this lift is in cladding installation, exterior building repairs, window cleaning, window installation etc.


Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

Rough terrain scissor lifts serve the same purpose as electric scissor lifts. The only distinction is that they have more tuff and stable tyres that make the equipment suitable to be easily transported to the construction site that has rough roads. Also, at times the road on which the lift is placed might not be uniform. In such a condition the tyres provide stability. Also, if your purpose is to make several workers reach the construction all at a time, the lift is the right option for you.


Telescopic Forklifts

Also known as telehandlers, Telescopic Forklifts comprise of an extendable boom lift mounted with a lifting attachment. The equipment is an amalgamation of a traditional forklift with a telescopic boom. It can lift its forks to extreme heights. The forks can also be adjusted and moved close. Such type of machines is used to move items vertically and used in factories and indoor warehouses.



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